This page contains information regarding our opening / closure during the pandemic. You will find useful links, answers to frequently asked questions, risk assessment information and a contact box for submitting any questions.

Our COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Our first risk assessment was written on 6th June 2020 and has been under constant review. The latest version was updated on 1st September 2020 and a full copy is available for inspection by any parent/carer or other authorised interested party.

The document follows the normal processes of health & safety management and reflects guidance issued by Government, some of which is a legal requirement.

Our risk assessment remains under constant review and will be updated should any circumstances change.

The content of the risk assessment is summarised below:

  1. What is the hazard?
  2. Who are we trying to protect?
  3. What have we done to our premises?
  4. What are we doing to avoid an outbreak of COVID-19?
  5. What happens if someone displays the symptoms of COVID-19 or tests positive for COVID-1

The hazard is the COVID-19 virus. This can be transmitted via airborne droplets or through contaminated surfaces.

We are seeking to protect everyone who uses or comes into contact with the pre-school. This includes children, parent/carers, staff members, visiting contractors and any other authorised visitors. Access to the pre-school is restricted to children and essential persons only.

Our premises have been set up so to minimise the transmission of COVID-19. Actions taken include removal of all soft toys and play equipment, removal of non-essential work equipment, laying out of the classroom and other rooms to accommodate social distancing.

To avoid as far as we can an outbreak of COVID-19, we have established written procedures which take into account enhanced cleaning of the school premises, frequent cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces and any shared toys or other shared items and emergency protocols which if needed will be put into immediate effect including notification to parents/carers.

If someone should display the symptoms of COVID-19 and/or subsequently test positive, our emergency protocols will be activated. These include sending the person or child concerned home requesting they comply with the NHS Test and Trace process and prevailing guidelines regarding periods of self-isolation. The pre-school will fulfil their obligations in terms of engaging with NHS Test and Trace and reporting to the local health protection team who will co-ordinate containment of the virus in the local community.

If you should require any further information, please contact us.

Phil Hopkins, Health & Safety Officer.

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