Snacks & Healthy Eating

At Ferring Funtime Community Pre-school we promote healthy eating by offering a snack menu which is changed termly and rotated weekly. The menu choices are taken from the Voluntary Food & Drink Guide for Early Years settings in England and is a government recommendation. We have found that the children have loved this variety of food and as it is especially healthy, the children have had the opportunity to make healthy choices. Unfortunately, unlike schools, fruit and snacks are not government funded and the costs have always fallen to the preschool. Up until now we have been able to fit this bill however with ever increasing costs, we now feel it appropriate to reach out and ask parents to help contribute toward these costs. So, from the Summer Term 2022, we shall be introducing a small voluntary fee of 25p per snack time. This will be shown on the invoice along with any other fees. If parents are unable or unwilling to pay toward the costs of providing a snack we welcome parents to openly communicate this with us and are fully entitled to supply their own healthy alternatives.

Please note our snack charge is £0.25 per morning or afternoon session. 

It is not mandatory for parents to pay for snack as parents are entitled to provide their own appropriate alternative.


Please find a link below to the 10 Steps for Healthy Toddlers Guide.